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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery & Order

1- When my order will be delivered?

  • We serve you support for transportation in the framework of high-qualified and safety shipment principles. It will be change according to your location.

2- Which cargo company will ship the order?

  • Your order will be shipping via agreed shipping agency. Our company will inform you  about shipping agency and time.

3- Do you delivery  your products to abroad?

  • We are exporting our products all around to world.

4-  How can I cancel the order?

Please contact us to cancel/change your order.

5-  How do you pack my product for safe transportation?

Your order would be meticulously packed in strong box against every external factors that may damage. Due to every contrary situation, our shipments would be insured according to your wish. By the conscious of yours value, we would offer you support in every freight process as well.

6-  If the order is damaged, what should I do?

  • Your order goes through the damage check before delivery. For this reason our products prevent damaged transmission. However, if your product is damaged, please inform us.

7- I want to change the delivery address of the order, what should I do??

  • To change your shipping address, please contact us before your order is delivered to the shipping agency.

8-  Which products are included in warranty? 

  • Our grinders are included warranty for 24 months in domestic market. There is no over-sea guarantee. 


1- Can I pay by money order / EFT?

  • You can make payment via mail order, money order or swift.

2- Is there a credit card installment?

  • Unfortunately, there is not credit card installment for abroad shipments.

3- Can I pay at the door?

  • We do not have 'pay at the door system' in our company principles.


1- Which product can be returned?

  • The package of the product you want to return must not be damaged or used. You should send the items / products you want to return with the original box and all accessories.

2- How many days can I return my products?

  • "Cause the show without reason" is 30 days.

3- What is the returna ddress

  • Our return address “1145 sokak No:27/A Yenişehir-Konak/İZMİR ”


Grinders & Mixers

 What is the important thing to use coffee grinders?

  • Trying to grind the milled product inside the machine leads to machine clogging.

  •  Always use your machine in a grounded outlet.

Which products can I grind in grinders? 

  • Coffee, Blackpepper, Poppy seed, Rice, Cumin, Sesame, Various Minerals

Which products can I grind in mixer?                                                                     

  • All various medicinal plants
  • All kinds of pulses products

Special Production

Is special productin possible? Which products can be made special to companies?                                              

  • Thanks to Kuban Machine is a manufacturer company, we can product according to your desired orders.    

Which products do you manufacture?

  • All of our products can be re-sized according to your demands.