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Display Racks, Spice Buckets, Plexiglass Boxes for Spice are designed by Kuban Machine Industry to satisfy the demands of Supermarkets, Charcuteries and herborists. These are full compatible with food legislations of all countries.

Picture of Product Display Bucket

Product Display Bucket

105.00 TL
Son 1 Ürün
Picture of Product Display Equipments

Product Display Equipments

155.00 TL
Son 1 Ürün
Picture of Dokuzlu Baharat Stantı

Dokuzlu Baharat Stantı

350.00 TL
Son 1 Ürün
Picture of Lidded Plexi Jar

Lidded Plexi Jar

39.05 TL
Son 1 Ürün
Picture of Plexiglass Box

Plexiglass Box

120.00 TL
Son 1 Ürün