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Rectangular Coffee Bean Silo with 10 kg capacity

Brand Kuban
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Product Description

KUBAN G-SHOVEL is a rectangular coffee dispenser with scoop. It is made of stainless chrome by KUBAN. The product fully complies with food regulations in Turkey and in the world. Furthermore, it offers great convenience in display and storage. Its hopper is made of glass.

You can pour back the coffee beans into the dispenser by lifting the lid on the top. You can ensure the flow of coffee beans by turning the mechanism lever at the bottom. You can store all kinds of granular products (dragées, nuts, legumes, etc.) as well as coffee beans.

There are display hoppers for coffee beans and dragées on the front. These hoppers are independent of the inner hopper of the dispensers. Therefore, the dispenser seems full even if it is empty. These hoppers also allow you to see which type of coffee/product is stored in the dispenser.


 25 Cm
 25 Cm
 85 Cm
 42 Cm
 10 Kg
 5 Cm


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